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Customer Service

is not a department, 

it is an attitude.

~ unknown

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 What can Adair Consulting do for your company?

Recruiting - Adair Consulting will post your job listing on Social Media sites and schedule all interviews

Interviewing - Interviews will be conducted along with checking on potential employees work history.  We will provide notes on candidates as well as advise on who to move forward with

Observe - We will observe. Whether it is in a restaurant, retail establishment, or small business. We will look, listen, take notes and/or be a customer. It all depends on the type of business

Report - A report will be prepared detailing our findings and establish a plan to help your employees make a better experience for customers. Once we determine there is a need, we will also help with tips in making your business more appealing and successful

Training – Many times, we forget the basics in training our employees. We are in such a hurry to get an employee on board, we might have forgotten to show them where the AED is in a restaurant, or maybe we forgot that employees in a retail store need to know their products. Communication is key, both between employer and employee and between employee and customer.

Employees will be trained in creating successful outcomes to customer complaints

Follow up – Once training is established and/or completed, we can assist in updating or creating your training manual and establish future training/orientation for new employees. We can also provide interview questions to assist in the hiring process

Customized Plan - Maybe you do not want all of the above, but need a little help getting back on track. We can adjust any of the above to fit your need or create a plan just for your establishment or office.