Consistent alignment of capabilities and internal 

processes with the customer value proposition 

is the core of any strategy execution.

~ Robert S. Kaplan

​​Operational Assessments

What areas of the business need to be streamlined to fit the needs of the company?

Operational Assessments are used to evaluate the efficiency and the effectiveness of all aspects of a business.  This assessment is typically done to assess the overall operations of the procedures in place and make recommendations on areas of improvement. Back of the house or office procedures (ie: A/R, A/P, HR etc.) affect the "bottom line".  The processes and their relationships between them not only benefit the company, but also the customer.  

One item that is important in the efficiency of a company or business is the organization of files,  important business papers and processes.   With over 15 years of professional organizing experience, Adair Consulting can provide in person or virtual appointments on setting up your files, a supply closet or creating business binders.