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Customer Service

is not a department, 

it is an attitude.

~ unknown

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

Customer Service Assessments  

Customer service and communication have always been pet peeves of mine. Gone are the days of "Good Old" customer service. The customer's experience has been diminished, partially through the use of electronic devices, but more often due to inadequate training. 

Many companies just do not have the time to properly train, communicate with or manage employees during busy times. We live in a time where customers have busy lifestyles. Whether in a retail store, restaurant or doctor's office, patients and customers are looking for instant satisfaction, but does that mean they do not want or deserve good service? 

Today many businesses are suffering and/or closing due to poor customer service, causing employees to lose their jobs. What can  employees do to make a customer’s visit enjoyable and a productive one, creating loyal clientele? What about the employee's communication? Are they giving productive feedback to their employers or just complaining?

Maybe your company is doing well, but you would like to do better. What needs to be done to make your company stand out from others or be competitive when it comes to customer service? Opening a new company? It's a risk and to succeed  these days you need to hire employees who want to be there and have a stake in the company's success. 

What are your hiring goals or time frame? Do you have the time to do it? Do you know what questions to ask to help you hire the best employees? In order for any business to succeed in these times, one must know what the need is, how they can fulfill the need and establish good relationships in order to have repeat customers.

Adair Consulting can assist with the interviewing process, observe customer service & report areas of weakness and training. We can also provide assistance with creating or updating manuals.